Volume 1
Volume 1 Cover Volume 1 will introduce you to a world of slacking, women, alcohol, bad parenting, and avoiding responsibility at all costs. The world of Les Gumb. Experience all the crazy adventures through the eyes of Les and his friends, including telemarketing erectile dysfunction medications, escaping alien spaceships, surviving kidnappings by a Titanic obsessed woman, suffering through the criminal justice system, being stuck in a time loop, body switching, and even getting mixed up with a group of people who enjoy dressing up like animals...just a little too much. Once you meet Les, you'll just want to know what he'll do next and you'll enjoy finding out for yourself.



Volume 1 contains the following 11 stories:
  1. So It Begins...
    • Les is trying to enjoy his first day out of prison when he's derailed by having to watch one of his more inquisitive kids and ends up being kidnapped by a voluptuous woman from the parole board.
  2. Abduction
    • Sarah has to deal with the consequences of asking Jed for a favor while Franny and Les enjoy a drinking game under the stars. When the crew finally meets up together Les and Jed go on a unexpected spicy journey into outer space. - Click to read a sample
  3. Les the Boner Drug Telemarketer
    • As part of his parole Les has to take a job conducting telemarketing surveys about erectile dysfunction drugs.
  4. The Tattoo
    • Events unfold upon trying to figure out what happened the previous evening which resulted in a new tattoo Les acquired.
  5. Lesaquin and the Real Jerk
    • Les is stuck in prison with a mysterious stranger while Jed creates a new Les with a mannequin he found in the garbage. Sarah and Franny try to avoid him without any luck. - Click to read a sample
  6. Lesaquin Part 2 - Cabin in the Woods
    • With Les out of prison the crew rent a cabin in the woods for a weekend with one complication, Jed brings his mannequin, "The Lesaquin" with him.
  7. Les's Heart Will Go On
    • Jed is mistaken for a local politician as Francisco and Sarah keep a secret. Les's night shacking up with a Titanic obsessed woman is capsizing quickly.
  8. Breaking Sarah
    • Sarah's stuck in a time loop reliving the same day over and over again until she can figure out how to prevent the arrest of Les and Jed.
  9. It's a Wonderful Jed
    • On Christmas Eve Jed reflects on his life as if he was never born.
  10. Something Fishy Something Furries
    • While dressed as "Sparky the Sparkplug" wearing a giant fuzzy dog suit to promote Jed's work, Les gets mixed up with a group of animal lovers.
  11. Switch
    • The crew wake up and find they've all switched bodies. Instead of trying to figure out how to reverse the effects they all go to each other jobs for the day. Hijinks ensue.
Volume 2
Volume 2 Cover Les, Sarah, Franny, and, of course, Jed are all back in action for ten new amazing stories. Return to a world of laggies, ladies, liquor, and law-breaking. Return to the crazy world of Les Gumb.

When the crew finds an engagement ring on the floor of O'Shaughnessy's, do they return it to its rightful owner or will they let it consume them? What is going on between Les and Sarah? And will Jed's dream of being a fashion mogul fizzle in the light of day? What is that army of squirrels up to at the trailer park? How will Franny make it out of the wilderness in one piece? And will Sarah survive an epidemic with her sanity intact? What will happen when you join the crew on exciting road trips, from white water rafting in unfriendly waters to the streets of New Orleans? Did you ever wonder what Les could possibly do to end up being a viral video star? Finally, what will become of Les after he is confronted with a shocking secret by a mysterious stranger who is lurking around the trailer park? All these answers and more are in the pages of Prison Dad: Volume 2.



Volume 2 contains the following 10 stories:
  1. Les of the Ring
    • The crew finds a wedding ring on the floor of O'Shaughnessy's and embarks on a epic quest to return the ring to its rightful owner.
  2. Non-Judgmental Day
    • Jed attempts to bond with Cassie while fixing his car, Les attempts to rekindle an old flame, and Franny is stalked by a wild animal.
  3. Project Jedi
    • Jed has aspirations of becoming a fashion mogul while a mysterious and spicy package arrives at Sarah's.
  4. Rats in the Corn
    • Sarah's irrational fear of a deadly viral outbreak reaches a new low while the boys attempt to break her out of her funk.
  5. Chronicle of the ATM Humper
    • Les is in the middle of a prison riot and could care less while a secret is revealed about Francisco that could save Les's life.
  6. Rear Entry Window
    • Les is on house arrest with only a telescope to keep him company, using it to spy on his neighbors, he makes several disturbing discoveries.
  7. Sending Our Love Down the Well
    • When Les falls down a well after a few hours of day drinking, he awakes with a new purpose in life.
  8. Pizza Deliverance
    • The crew goes white water rafting in unfriendly waters.
  9. N’awlins Les
    • Jed attends a conference in New Orleans and Les tags along to wreck havoc.
  10. Les's Destiny
    • Les bums a ride home from a mysterious stranger who knows something about him that very few people are privileged to know.
Volume 3
Volume 3 Cover The world has ended, well; at least that’s what the crazy chick that kidnapped Les told him. Sarah and Franny go searching for answers while Les searches her bunker for bacon and beer. Also what could Jed have done to get arrested? The third time's a charm for Les and his crazy group of friends Sarah, Franny, and Jed. Get ready to enjoy ten brand new, never released, stories - right here in Prison Dad: Volume 3.

Jed Bixler: Sasquatch hunter? Who wins when Franny and Les are pitted against Sarah in a spicy crafts contest? And find out the dire consequences of Sarah’s drunken indiscretion on the crew. Travel through time with Les, as he realizes that mistakes he made in the past have already affected his future. Laugh along as the crew plays an elaborately naughty game. Who’s the mysterious male stripper that has captivated Sarah? Wait, is that a shark? Wait, why is that tow truck driver stalking Franny? And can Old Lad Semple please stop telling everyone she saw the future?

Finally a maniacal billionaire will stop at nothing to procure something of Les’s, something that Les considers to be his most prized possession. What could it be? You’ll have to read to find out!



Volume 3 contains the following 10 stories:
  1. The Jeep Whisperer-er
    • Franny's acquisition of a used jeep leads to him being the victim of a stalker who's obsessed with it.
  2. Sassy Sassy Sasquatch
    • Jed decides he has a new calling in life, finding Sasquatch! Meanwhile Les and Franny attempt to beat Sarah in a national on-line craft contest.
  3. Les and the Bunker Babe
    • Les is stuck in a bunker with a spicy lady who convinces him that the world has ended.
  4. So That's How It Happened
    • Les is transported back in time to the trailer park when he was a child and realizes he made a few mistakes that altered the course of history itself.
  5. Jaw's Blog
    • Sarah invites Les along to a company outing on her boss’s yacht, but they end up in shark infested water.
  6. Magic Jed
    • Sarah and her gal-pal Christinyth go to an all male review and run into some familiar faces.
  7. Brainwashed Pride
    • The crew is involved in an elaborately silly game with each other while Les is professionally hypnotized as a part of his probation.
  8. The Incident
    • Sarah makes a horrible mistake and now has to live with it.
  9. The Lame Zone
    • Old Lady Semple warns the crew about consequences to their actions, nobody cares.
  10. The Schlongsonian
    • A billionaire will stop at nothing to place Les's genitals on display in his museum of man parts.
Volume 4
Volume 4 Mayhem! Millionaires! Monsters! Muffins! Three or four of those things can be found within the pages of Prison Dad, Volume 4. What did Les do to get cursed? And by cursed, we mean that everything he touches turns to bacon. Wait, is that really a curse? What evil deed does the singer of a metal band want Les to carry out? What impact will Sarah’s history of returning items to a popular retail store have on our crew? Separately, what does a kinky millionaire want with Sarah? Hint, it’s not as spicy as you may think! Join the crew as they travel through time and not mess up history...too much. Jed gets catfished, Les has to stop Crandall MacReedy from taking over the country, and the crew discover a dead get where we’re going with this.

For Les’s existing fans- you already know the hilarity that Les, Sarah, Franny, and Jed bring to the table- and if you are new to our series, get ready for a wild ride. Join the crew for their fourth journey as they go to Atlantic City one day, and have to stop the population of the entire Lehigh Valley from getting obsessed with a cell phone game the next, in these ten wickedly fun new stories.



Volume 4 contains the following 10 stories:
  1. Something Wicked This Way Plays
    • Tempers flare as the lead singer of Les and Jed’s favorite metal band has a strange job for Les while Sarah and Franny make a shocking discovery about another musician.
  2. 50 Shades of Lame
    • While raising money for her dog rescue, Sarah is introduced to a strange local millionaire who has a dark secret. Les and Cassie try to find a missing Jed.
  3. The Bacon Touch
    • Les is cursed and everything he touches turns into crispy, delicious, bacon. Franny and Sarah attempt to teach Jed how to dance.
  4. AC or Bust
    • What hijinx could Leslie Jame Gumb and friends cause while running amuck in Atlantic City, New Jersey?
  5. MacReedy for Mayor
    • A familiar face travels back in time to warn Les that the evil phallus obsessed millionaire Crandall MacReedy will soon start his reign of terror, and that Les is the only person that can stop him.
  6. Jed and Franny’s Excellent Journey
    • Jed and Franny take an unexpected trip through time to witness some historical moments and not what so ever screw up the space time continuum.
  7. Targeting Sarah
    • Sarah attempts to return an unused toilet seat to Target and ends up getting the whole crew placed in Target jail.
  8. Jedfished
    • Jed gets catfished but won’t admit to it, even after his heart to heart with Franny.
  9. I Discovered A Dead Dude
    • Les and Jed make a disturbing discovery after looking for a place to hide some stolen merchandise. Sarah and Franny deal with a new neighbor’s interesting rituals.
  10. Muffin Pound Civilization
    • What is this new app that’s causing such a commotion in Allentown? Follow Les on an epic quest to restore everyone’s sanity.
Volume 5: Things and Stuff
Things and Stuff 1 Cover It's true. the squirrels with the red beady eyes falling from the sky, the people they hurt, the chaos they caused, the squirrelicane, all of it. It's all true. Prison Dad Volume 5 is a compilation of stories that were originally published online over the course of a year. Why do Les, Sarah, Franny, and Jed all see different leprechauns? What did they do to Jed during his nap on the sofa? Remember that BBQ with the weird meat that the neighbors were having? We'd like to forget it too. Is Les ever going to find the hospital bar? How can our crew muster the patience to spend a whole day stuck in never ending lines at the fairgrounds? Will anyone win when the friends discover a new smartphone app called "Chuggr" in which strangers challenge you to drink? Also- join the crew in two all new, never previously published adventures, including a visit to a nudist resort. From Black Friday sales that no one cares about, to a bizarre wedding in the field, to that time Les was actually wrongly accused of committing a crime, there is something for everyone in these thirteen koo koo bananas tales.



Volume 5 contains the following 13 stories:
  1. The Leprechaun is in the Eye of the Beholder
    • Why do Les, Sarah, Franny, and Jed all see different leprechauns? Oh wait a minute, isn’t that Paul Gould?
  2. Guy On The Sofa
    • Jed wakes up from a deep slumber to find that his friends drew all over his face? But who drew what? Any why?
  3. Sarah Freaks Out
    • This one is based on Cristin's actual reaction to the final episode of a show that had once been such a favorite of hers.The story disintegrated in episode after episode of doing what her boyfriend said. Argh!!
  4. Fire, Crackers!
    • Fire up your sparklers and join the crew for a Fourth of July celebration complete with strange meats, puking pets, and firework related hijinks.
  5. This Isn’t The Hospital Bar I’m Looking For
    • WHO is this woman who picked Les up in the trailer park? WHAT does she want with him? WHEN did he see her last? WHY did she drive him to the hospital? HOW is Les going to get out of this one?
  6. The Day Of Lines
    • Fast cars! Cheap drinks! Scantily clad women! None of these things are in this story! How long will the crew have to wait to enjoy the festivities?
  7. The Squirrelicane
    • Angry red-eyed squirrels are falling from the sky and wreaking havoc in the trailer park. It's up to our crew to defend the good people of Shady Pines from the menacing claws of these rats with fancy tails.
  8. Price Sharks, Shark Bites Mega Sale
    • ATTENTION PRICE SHARK SHOPPERS! CHECK OUT THE TERRIBLE DEALS IN AISLE 12!!. Also, Jed gets sprayed with goo. A lot of goo.
  9. Chuggr
    • Chugger is a smartphone application that allows you to find people close to your geographical location that are interested in challenging you to a drinking contest. Witness the hysterics as Jed and Franny split up for the day to attempt to best each other in horrific liquid combat.
  10. I Take Leslie Jame Gumb To Be My Lawfully Wedded Husband
    • Is Leslie Jame Gumb really going to the tie the knot? What kind of a woman would fall head over heels in love with Les?
  11. Making a Thiever
    • Is it possible for a man to be jailed wrongly two different times? For different crimes?
  12. Let's Get Drunk In The Field (previously unreleased)
    • Sarah doesn’t want to go to O'Shaughnessy’s? Hijinx ensue as the entire crew attempts to get ready to go drink some beers in the field.
  13. The Naked Beer Festival (previously unreleased)
    • Les has tickets for an all nude beer festival in the mountains, but his plan to take Franny with as his wingman has failed. He reluctantly brings Jed with and the duo run into some familiar faces, all in their birthday suits.
Volume 6
Volume 6 Can’t we just play board games without everything going to hell? Maybe? No. Speaking of things going to hell, there’s a lot of that in Prison Dad Volume 6. Remember the aliens that probed Jed? They’re back. That women who kidnapped Les to play “Titanic” with him?” Her too. The Lesiquin that freaked Sarah and Franny out? Right on. What about those evil squirrels with the red, beady, eyes that rained from the skies? You damn well better believe those jerks are back, and hungrier than ever!

Join the crew on ten out of this world adventures, ranging from an outbreak of a hillbilly zombie virus in their trailer park, to that time Sarah held a classy dinner party for the crew. Wait, is that all that happened? Nope, an inter-dimensional rift opens and the crew gets a glimpse of what Les is doing in a bunch of alternate realities. Spoiler alert, it’s hilarious. Oh, and make sure you watch out for Les’s maniacal little robot friend. All this and more is in store for you in Volume 6!


  1. Close Encounters of the Buttery Kind
    • Why is everyone in the Lehigh Valley, except Les, obsessed with carving male genitalia out of sticks of butter? It’s up to Les to stop the mass hysteria and return everyone’s sanity.
  2. Diseasesies
    • Shall we play a game? The crew sits down to play their favorite board game, but the actions they take in their turns have repercussions in the real world. Now, to stop a global pandemic they have to win the game, or die trying.
  3. Jedcatcher
    • Les and Jed make a new friend- he’s a crazy, rich, bachelor who has the same year, make, and model car as Jed does. Sarah’s company holds a memorable retreat while Franny is in danger of losing something very near and dear to him.
  4. Lesaquin 3: Double Identity
    • Leah and Rose, two women from Les’s past, converge over their lost love and find themselves choosing the same guy again, only this time, he’s the perfect man; a plastic man, a man who can not ever leave them. Meanwhile Franny teams up with Les to save the day, Sarah is the subject of a documentary, and Jed’s identity has been mistaken, again.
  5. Robot School
    • Les finally finds his destiny: robots! Going to school to do stuff with...robots! What could go wrong?
  6. 28 Teeth Later
    • Strange behavior breaks out in the Shady Pines Trail Park after a certain someone gets a tooth pulled. The infection changes white trash trailer park residents to full-on hillbillies in a matter of minutes. It’s down to Les and Sarah to save the the trailer park from certain southern fried doom.
  7. Because Getting a Cabin the First Time Was So Awesome
    • The crew seeks an escape in the mountains where Sarah makes a shocking discovery about the history of the cabin itself. A familiar face returns from the grave with a mission.
  8. The Squirrelicane II: The Revenge
    • They’re back! Nowhere is safe after a glitch with Sarah’s squirrel proof house sends the crew on the run from even more red beady eyed squirrels that rain from the skies. Get your weapons ready to repel the invasion!
  9. Jed Bixler’s Alien Visitor Center
    • Jed’s recurring night terrors about the visitors who abducted him have finally pushed him to his breaking point. He spends his time turning Shady Pines into Pennsylvania’s first alien visitor center.
  10. KAT
    • All Sarah wanted to do was hold a classy dinner party for her friends that wouldn’t be interrupted by an interdimensional rift. One by one, the whole crew- except for Les- leaves the house to investigate the phenomenon. They each end up exploring increasingly bizarre alternate realities. Will everyone make it back to their reality before the sun comes up?