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5 Feb 2018
Romantic SciFi Locations

It's almost time for Valentines Day, so you know what that means? Time to watch "Warm Bodies" again, because it's the best zombie love story out there. But here on STAF, we're going to break down our favorite romantic locations in science fiction, horror, and fantasy. That field on Naboo didn't have any sand! The sharks don't swim on the beach on beautiful Amity Island! What's that naked planet called in Star Trek again? And then, there is that romantic cruise ship pool from Passengers (best thing about that movie)....in space! We hope to help you bring back that lovin’ feeling with your S.O. - or heck even yourself - by sharing our preferred spicy locations from some great films and TV shows! Also, feel free to write us and let us know about your favorite romantic science fiction spots!

Length 30 minutes.
22 Jan 2018
Our Take on President Trump Answering Sci-Fi Related Questions

This week, we take a silly look at what could happen if our commander and thief (seems a more appropriate title) held a press conference in which he had to answer questions from the press based on science fiction scenarios. How would Trump handle the Kaiju? What would his reaction be to the destruction of his precious Starkiller base? What would he say about attacks from the Blob or allegations that his family had been replaced by pod people? From initiating the hunger games in only the blue states to dealing with artificially intelligent robots, we'll ask all these questions and provide our humorous take on how 45 would respond. This podcast is loosely based on both a Saturday Night Live sketch in which Baldwin’s version of Trump deals with an alien invasion and the recent paid dare made to a reporter to ask Trump about his feeling on the situation in Wakanda. We suspect Trump would advise you to use the fortune you’ve made mining coal to take a vacation to Mar-A-Lago! But… since it's 2018, and coal isn't a thing anymore, you can stay home instead and let us amuse you!

Length 30 minutes.
15 Jan 2018
2018 Sci-Fi and Horror Movie Preview

Mutants In Spppaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaace! 2018 will bring us a lot of new exciting sequels and reboots to our favorite franchises! We will talk about the 3 new entries to the ever expanding X-Men franchise- Dark Phoenix, Deadpool, and New Mutants; and the As 3 entries to our beloved MCU: the awesome looking Black Panther, the new Ant Man movie... and oh yeah, just Infinity War, which doesn’t look like the COOLEST THING EVER or anything. We will also share our thoughts on The Predator reboot, the Han Solo spin off, and the new Maze Runner movie. 2018 isn't all revisiting worlds we already know, though, there are plenty of originals we'll talk about too - such as Ready Player One, Annihilation, and the creepy looking A Quiet Place. So get your popcorn and pretzel bites ready for a great year of entertainment... even without a new season of Game of Thrones... yeah, we know, we’re pissed too. Cheers to 2018 anyway!

Length 32 minutes.
9 Jan 2018
Our Favorite Sci-Fi Stuff From 2017

While most people put out their lists at the end of 2017, we here at STAF want you to know that we didn't forget- and we found plenty to love... in entertainment anyway. Tune in to hear about ice dragons, orgy ship, porgs, mutants on TV, and the return of terrible sci-if storms: Squirrilcanes and Sharknado's! Join us for the first episode of season three and hear about a few of our favorite things from the year that was.

Length 50 minutes.
18 Dec 2017
Quit Your Kvetching! Our Take on the Biggest Gripes Against The Last Jedi!

Have we been hacked by the Russians again? But this time, instead of swinging an election, they're moving on to another vulnerable target... Star Wars movies! Low ratings by entitled Internet users won't stop our science/evidence based arguments against the major complaints people are making about this diverse movie. We'll keep this description spoiler free, but was it really that gross that Luke was drinking **** straight from the ****?! C’mon people- it has to come from somewhere! We’ll talk logistics of space chases, missing persons, actions made or not made, and share our reactions regarding the fates of certain integral characters. We feel like a lot of this kvetching is because opinions are like Bantha bums- everyone has one and most of them stink! So, ignore the complaints (many of which are somehow grammatically worse than Trump tweets), and check out our podcast!

Length 30 minutes.
15 Dec 2017
Star Wars The Last Jedi Review and Breakdown

First 5 minutes spoiler free! We saw it, we loved it, we want to talk about all the things!

Length 40 minutes.
8 Dec 2017
SciFi Fall TV Report Card 2017

BAM BAM BAM! Oh, sorry, you caught us doing our lazy reenactment of this season of the The Walking Dead. But, that might be the only sleepy TV show this fall. This week, with the help of our good friend, JL Gribble, we'll break down our favorite fall scifi shows- from masked heroes, space dwellers, and various apocalyptic shenanigans, our reviews are 100% spoiler free. So get a cozy blanket, a bucket of popcorn, and settle in to see what you've been missing. Also note, podcast included a positive review of the first half of Star Trek Discovery Season 1 from 2/3 reviewers. Side note- all of us are amped to watch more of the Orville.

Length 51 minutes.
30 Nov 2017
Avengers Infinity War Trailer Breakdown

We wanna rock! We mean we want some gems! We mean this trailer rocks... with Infinity Stones! This week, we're going to break down the three minute Avengers Infinity War trailer with some expert detail. Why did Vision look human? Who are those sinister people throwing spears and stealing stones? How awesome was Steve's beard? Yeah, I said Steve, he's clearly not Captain America here. Featuring Iron Spider, Hulkbuster, epic Lord of the Rings style battles, and hey, look- is that War Machine back in action and helping to battle the alien minions of Thanos?! Hell yeah- this trailer is amazing! We'll talk about our timeline theories, including our thoughts on how the Hulk ended up at Doctor Strange’s crib. We’ll also provide a refresher course on the whereabouts of the Infinity Stones and talk about where we are fairly certain the Soul Stone has been hiding. We are so beyond amped for this movie and hope you are too!

Length 41 minutes.
16 Nov 2017
Science Fiction Marry, Bang, or Kill? Our 100th Podcast Celebration!

For our 100th Podcast, we’re inviting some friends to help us answer the question: who would you marry, bang, or kill in the world of science fiction? We will hear J.L. Gribble, author of the fascinating Steel Victory book series; Heather and Chris O'Neill, who run the creative and collaborative 9th Level Games; Aimee J, who hosts the inspiring Chasing Dreams Podcast (she actually interviewed us on her show before!); and Law Blank, an artist, videoographer, and musician who is always up to something intriguing! Tune in to find out about our friend’s exiting projects and to hear who they would marry, bang or kill from a list we will provide. Not, to worry, Jeff and Cristin will be playing the game too! Grab a glass of your favorite adult beverage and join us as we celebrate our first 100 episodes of Silly Talks About Science Fiction with some of the friends we have made along the way!

Length 60 minutes.
10 Nov 2017
Ragnarok-and-roll! Our Review of Thor: Ragnarok

Goldblum is so weird, we love him! This week, we review the 3rd installment into the MCU for the year 2017. At this rate, Marvel will put out a new move every month for the rest of our lives… and we're totally okay with that. This one sets itself apart from the other MCU movies by being delightfully ridiculous and silly. Naked and goofy Hulk? Overcompensating Thor? Evil Hela tossing her Dad’s trophies around and taunting her brothers! Drunken Valkyrie flirting with Banner! Double-crossing Loki putting on corny plays for Asgardians- starring Matt Damon! That last one shouldn't be a shocker- Matt Damon will do anything for a buck! I mean, he bought a Zoo! Join us in the arena, where Thor and Hulk battle it out and we fight to breathe through our laugher, in this week's episode.

Length 49 minutes.
4 Nov 2017
Stranger Things Season 2 Rules WTF

This week we’re talking about the totally tubular second season of Stranger Things! What? Some people think it was whack? Gag me with a spoon! We’ll debunk the four top online gripes about Stranger Things 2 and prove to you, once and for all, that those sucka MCs need to take a chill pill and that Stranger Things is all that and a bag of chips.

Length 47 minutes.
27 Oct 2017
Our Favorite Stephen King Books

You've seen his mini series, you've seen his movies, don't you think it's time you picked up one of these, what the hell, this book is huge? I can barely lift it! This week we're once again reminding you that all things serve the beam and we're going to talk to you about our favorite Stephen King books. Not only will we say what's different from the adaptations, we'll give you our insider information on which ones are tied together in the great Stephen King universe.

Length 37 minutes.
20 Oct 2017
Classic Horror Movie Franchise Icons

This week we'll dissect everyone's favorite stabby mcstabberson's- that’s right, icons of horror film franchises! We’ll talk about their best moments, which let's face it, are almost always in the first movie. Then, we will discuss to the lamest moments, like, when they sent these monsters to Manhattan... or space. What do we love about these horror movie icons? What makes them scary? What makes them sometimes downright silly? Get your popcorn and your best running shoes - just in case- and join us for our podcast celebrating horror movie’s biggest baddies!

Length 48 minutes.
15 Oct 2017
Every Stephen King TV Series, Ever.

It's time...to take a stand....and listen to this podcast where we discuss every single Stephen King story that showed up on the small screen only. In part two of our tribute to the 70 year old author, we'll talk about vampires, the original adaptation of our favorite evil clown, the one with the Walking Dude, some wicked kids who love corn fields and a train wreck involving a dome- covered Maine town. Things will get downright spooky as we recommend our favorites and warn you of some disasters. So c’mon down here and have some chicken with us, beautiful people! It’s so dark.

Length 46 minutes.
6 Oct 2017
A Quick Review of Every Stephen King Movie, Ever.

Jeezly crow! It's October, so, if you are anything like us, you want to watch some creepy movies! Very few do creepy as well as the author of The Shining, so in honor of Stephen King’s 70th Birthday last month (and because of how much we love his stories), we are going to talk about his extraordinary body of work in our weekly podcasts for October. This week, we will focus on every movie based on a Stephen King story to ever hit the big screen. We'll give you a quick synopsis and a speedy review (thumbs up or down) as to whether we recommend it. You are sure to want to revisit some old favorites or check out something you might have missed, as we run through this impressive list!

Length 61 minutes.
22 Sept 2017
2017 Fall TV Science Fiction Shows

Fall is here, so that means new stories about: Outer space! Sinister Clowns! Ghosts! Zombies! Superheroes! And... some kind blue unicorn thing?! This fall TV lineup is packed, so let us clue you in on what to watch! From new shows to returning favorites, this week we'll cover all the fall sci-fi TV shows. So get your pumpkin spiced whatever, take a break from carving jack o' lanterns of your favorite American Horror Story characters, and get ready for some awesome entertainment!

Length 55 minutes.
9 Sept 2017
It Movie Review

Clowns? Why is it always clowns? Well, at least it is in our nightmares. This week we’ll review “IT”- the latest Stephen King adaptation to hit the big screen. What made up jump (and, in one case, yelp)? What surprised us? Who from the cast impressed us most? And how does this film compare to the 1990 TV adaptation? Finally, we will share our thoughts on our dream cast for the sequel. First ten minutes are spoiler free. Beep, beep, Richie!

Length 49 minutes.
8 Sept 2017
Why Does It Suck To Go To The Movies?

Does it suck going to the movies? Or do the movies just suck? This summer had terrible box office numbers and the worst attendance in 25 years! But why? Was it the robots that turn into cars for the 5th time? Johnny Depp as a pirate AGAIN? Spider Man rebooted for the 3rd time? Or is it that more interesting movies just don't get enough advertising? Or maybe that bad early reviews kept people from taking a chance on a film? Or are people just finding it easier (and cheaper) to stay home on the sofa and watch movies on HBO/Netflix/Hulu/onDemand/etc.? This week, we take a look at movies that came out from June to August of this year and talk about why going to the movies was a total bummer this summer.

Length 32 minutes.
30 August 2017
Game of Thrones Season 8 Thoughts

We know that you watched it all and not because we are the three eyed raven, but because you have clicked on this podcast. So going into this, we assume that you have seen the season seven finale- which was FREAK'N AWESOME! There are blue flame breathing spoilers ahead. This week, we're going to take a look at all the characters that we saw in the finale, in the order that we saw them in that episode. We will talk about where they ended up and speculate on where they might find themselves when Game of Thrones starts up again in...wait, is this right?! 2019?! Son of a dead Targaryen- that’s just not fair! The lone wolf dies while the pack survives, so hold your beloveds close, ew not that close, cause Winter has arrived!

Length 32 minutes.
25 August 2017
Nazi's Are Jerks!

You know how Nazis are always the bad guys? This is common knowledge, right? This week, we're going to talk about examples of jerk Nazi characters as portrayed in several science fiction and fantasy films. Zombie Nazis? Yup. Space Nazis? Check. From Red Skull to Nazi Joe, we got it all covered in this week's episode. And please leave your tiki torch at home by your barbecue grill, where it belongs.

Length 38 minutes.
18 August 2017
2017 Fall Science Fiction Movie Extravaganza

In a world inhabited by the last Lego killer clowns from Asgard... Nope! That's not really a movie, but this week, we cover 20 Sci-Fi, Horror, and Fantasy movies that actually are coming to a theater near you this fall. Is Jennifer Lawrence playing a crazy lady? Probably! Will "It" be creepy? We think so! Will "Happy Death Day" be silly? All signs point to yes! We'll go over the majors- Star Wars, Thor, and The Justice League- but we hope to introduce you to a few other gems that you might have overlooked. So grab your pumpkin spice everything, snuggle up in a fuzzy blanket, and get amped for Fall films with us!

Length 45 minutes.
7 August 2017
The Dark Tower Review

Hail, Gunslinger! Behold, the dark tower that protects our world! Did you see it? Well, we did and we can't wait to palaver about it! This extremely loose adaptation of Stephen King's epic series finally became a film- but only got 90 minutes of screen time. Join us on our quest to discover easter eggs to classic King tales, uncover references that cross all of the gunslinger books, and look into the future to see what the filmmakers are planning next. The first ten minutes of this review are guaranteed spoiler free.

Length 38 minutes.
4 August 2017
Sharknado 1-4 Recap

Who the heck ever thought that there would be five Sharknado movies? People at SyFy who are freak'n awesome, that's who! From LA, New York, DC, and Orlando to Outer Space, let's recap these fabulously awesome/awful B-movies. We'll discuss each one, share some trivia, our opinions, run through some cameo highlights, and walk through some of the many references they made to classic movies. Also, we sing a song about sharks in space! The characters might say that they really hate sharks, but we can’t get enough of ‘em!

Length 40 minutes.
28 July 2017
Life - The Void - A Cure For Wellness Reviews

Though it may sound like one long title for a crazy movie or metal concept album, sadly it's neither of these things. This week, we're offering reviews of these three random horror movies that we recently watched, because whatever, we do what we want. “Life” is a space horror film, set in a very roomy version of the International Space Station, where you can scream all you want, but no one will hear you. “The Void” is set in a creepy abandoned hospital and totally exceeded our expectations. Finally, we review the “The Cure for Wellness” which is also set in a secluded, lonely place- but this time, it’s a spa for richers. If you wondered why no one you know saw this movie, we are happy to tell you several reasons why it’s good that they didn’t waste their money that way. We stay spoiler free for the movies that we think are worth your time.

Length 34 minutes.
21 July 2017
Horrible Science Fiction Vacation Destinations

It's Summer, people! That means packing the kids up in the car and traveling to a galaxy far, far away- or maybe just your grandparents house to do the same lame stuff you did last year. But, going to grandma's isn't nearly as bad as getting sucked into the Sarlacc Pic, visiting a shark infested beach, or hell, renting that shadowy Cabin In The Woods! Join us this week, as we highlight 16 terrible places from Science Fiction films and TV Shows that you won’t want your kid to write about visiting in their September back to school essay!

Length 48 minutes.
10 July 2017
Spider-Man Homecoming Review

Remember when MCU movies were almost as rare as the gems in the Infinity Gauntlet? Like, when there was maybe one addition a year? Now, it seems like every time we sneeze there's a new one. And, yes, the last time Jeff sneezed was in May when "Guardians" came out. In this episode of Silly Talks, we're reviewing the new Spider Man movie- but watch out because this review is loaded with SPOILERS! What did you miss? What references did we see to other movies? Who showed up for fun cameos? We don't want to say to much in the description here, but our Spider Senses were tingling after this one and we may even be hearing wedding bells for two beloved characters in the near future. That’s right, it’s Spidey and Deadpool! Gotcha! Get ready for a fun adventure and be sure to let us know if you agree with our review on Facebook or prisondad.com.

Length 37 minutes.
7 July 2017
M Night Shyamalan Needs To Stop

I have a secret, I see a lot of bad movies. Everyone knows his name, few can pronounce it. The famed director of “The Sixth Sense” appears every couple of months and releases another gimmicky SciFi/Horror movie into world. As they have been more laughable or obnoxiously awful than good entertainment, how is he still able to make new films? Join us this week as we break down all his major movies: all of the twists, the plots, and the filmmaker’s HUGE ego! Spoiler alert! We will ruin all of the endings, so if you haven’t seen any of his films and still want to (why, for the love of God, why?!), you may want to skip this one.

Length 40 minutes.
23 June 2017
Untitled Han Solo Anthology Film

Have you all read about the directors being dropped from the Han Solo movie and potentially replaced by Ron Howard? That's what inspired our podcast this week, where we talk about why this might have happened and what the might mean for the movie. We also talk about things we know we will see, things we hope to see, and things that we hope end up on the cutting room floor. And if you don't like my corny Han Solo jokes, fine! Then, we'll see you in Hell!

Length 40 minutes.
19 June 2017
Stephen King's The Stand: Revist and Why Reboot it?

C'mon baby, don't fear the reaper... if you are a horror fan, a fan of apocalypse stories, a government conspiracy theorist or just red blooded American who is at least 30 years old, then you've probably seen the 1994 version of Stephen King's "The Stand." This six hour movie (based on one of King's best books topping out at over 1,000 pages) featured an amazing cast that brought the characters to life and an epic story that continues to captivate us years later. It's everything. This novel/movie has had a massive impact on our lives and today we're going to break it down, the cast, the drama with home video, all the failed reboot attempts, and how it changed our lives. So, come down here and eat chicken with us, beautiful, it's so dark! M.O.O.N. that spells podcast.

Length 53 minutes.
12 June 2017
Crappy Dads In Science Fiction and Fantasy

Bad dads can push a certain character toward the light or the dark. Ephraim's lack of supervision of Zack on The Strain has cataclysmic results. Jamie Lanister refusing to acknowledge his children make them out to be evil little rugrats. John Winchester never gave his children a real childhood, but was that a good or bad thing for Sam and Dean? And why does everyone on Lost have such a crappy dad? I mean come on Abrams! Join us this week as we take a silly look at our favorite crappy dads in science fiction and fantasy and who knows, maybe the last straw was Kylo Ren asking Han Solo, "Dad, can I take out the Millennium Falcon tonight?" And Han replying, "I'll see you in hell!"

Length 53 minutes.
5 June 2017
Twin Peaks: The Return Episodes 1-5 Review

When Netflix brought back Arrested Development several years after its cancellation, it started a revolution. We’re going to start seeing reunion episodes from several cult classics over the next several years. In this episode we’ll break down the first five episodes of the new season of Twin Peaks, talking about what you saw, what you may have missed, who’s back, what we think is going to happen, and where Agent Cooper has been all of these years. Join us as we venture into the Black Lodge, stop at the Sheriff’s Office, swing by the Bang Bang Bar to check out some new bands, and then stop at the The Double R Diner for a damn fine cup of coffee as we continue to discover the secrets of this spooky little town.

Length 72 minutes.
27 May 2017
Why Did They Make That SciFi Sequel: Cash Grabs and Franchise Killers

Science Fiction franchises are a tricky thing, normally the first one is great, but the sequels just don't compare. As difficult as it is to capture the magic of the first time you see a new world, it doesn't stop Hollywood from trying- and usually failing. Seriously, how many times is Jaws going to harass that family? Indiana Jones and aliens? The Crow was good, but please stop trying to replicate Brandon Lee's heartbreaking performance. Jason, Chucky, Freddie, and other jerks, creatures, and characters who were cooler the first time around, we'll talk about all these cash grabs and franchise killers this week.

Length 56 minutes.
19 May 2017
Horrible Sci-Fi Book/Movie Adaptations

It happened, you were browsing the Internet and you saw it, a link to a movie trailer for a book that you loved. You tell your friends how amped you are. Months later, you get them together and find yourself in a dark theater watching the film equivalent of a steaming pile of Bantha crap. Ugh. Join us this week as we take a look at some horrible Sci-fi book-to-movie adaptations from the bizarre nightmare they made of H.G. Wells' "The Island of Dr. Morrow", the hack job they did on the brilliant novel "Hannibal" by Thomas Harris, the creepy mess that Hollywood created from Dr. Seuss' "The Cat In The Hat" and many, many more. There's humor in these horrible adaptations, but also a lot of disrespect for the source material.

Length 46 minutes.
14 May 2017
Logan Review

How many of you said, “Really? Another Wolverine movie?” Well if you were one of those people and you skipped this one, you’re totally missing out. So how did the 2nd R Rated movie in the X-Men franchise fare? Pretty damn well. We’ll break down the movie, moments you might have missed, references to other X-related movies and comics, and what’s next for the franchise.

Length 35 minutes.
6 May 2017
Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 Review

I am Groot (first five minutes spoiler free).

Length 32 minutes.
1 May 2017
2017 Summer Science Fiction Movie Extravaganza

Sharks! Facehuggers! Cannibals! Spider Man...again? Planning on going to the movies this summer? Check out this podcast where we talk about ALL the science fiction, horror, and fantasy movies coming to a theater near you in Summer, 2017. Will Wonder Woman fix the DC universe? Is Casey Affleck classing up scifi? Will “Valerian” be the best movie of the summer? Also, who isn’t amped to finally see The Dark F*&%king Tower on the big screen?

Length 33 minutes.
21 April 2017
Marvel Movies/TV in 2017 and Beyond

Disappointed with Iron Fist? Is your chi not centered? Then the only place to go from here is up, up, up and away! No, we're not talking about the Man Of Snores, we're breaking down all of Marvel's upcoming offerings to TV and film this week and talking about what's next for the Agents of SHIELD, Guardians of the Galaxy, Spider Man, Iron Man, Thor, Hulk, and the long awaited Defenders series. So suit up and check out this week's podcast!

Length 38 minutes.
15 April 2017
The Last Jedi Teaser Breakdown

The light, the dark, the red sand... wait, what the heck is that stuff!? They’re baaaaaack! Rey! Fin! Poe! LUKE FREAK’N SKYWALKER! Eight months before it’s release, we got our first glorious look at Star Wars: The Last Jedi. Where do all the explosions take place? How big are those walkers? Where is Rose? Who were those guys? (#Dokkenreference). Join us today for our expert insight into this awesome teaser.

Length 41 minutes.
7 April 2017
Frequently Asked Questions About Star Wars: Part 2

In our second installment in our FAQASW series we'll talk about a few remaining questions we have on "A New Hope," "Return of the Jedi," "Revenge of the Sith," and "Rogue One," but we'll be spending the majority of the time focusing on, ugh, "Attack of the Clones." Seriously, did anyone even proof the script? We feel like this movie should win an award for "Most Computer Generated Characters in a Non CG Movie!" So many plot holes, such little time. Join us this week to hear our opinions on our questions arising out of these films. We hope to shed some light on questions you've had for a long time or maybe even raise some new ones.

Length 56 minutes.
1 April 2017
Venom! Movies About Bad Guys!

If you've been near the Internet this week, you know that it's abuzz over Sony's attempt to create its own MCU. Can an "R" rated Venom movie come out at the same level as Scarface? We'll also discuss bad guy and anti-hero movies (sci-fi and other) and analyze whether the main characters are redeemable. Finally, we'll talk about other bad guy movies that could be made (and probably will be once they hear our podcast). For example, would you watch a movie about a young Voldemort? We would!

Length 56 minutes.
25 March 2017
Favorite Time Travel Comedies

This week we're talking about our favorite silly time travel TV shows and movies. We will chat about the current hit "Making History," old classics like "Back to the Future," and also feature some indie favorites, like "Safety Not Guaranteed." While we don’t have the secrets of time travel to share with you all (because, if we did we would use them to correct many mistakes, including our failure to talk about "The Time Traveling Bong" when we recorded this), we still hope that this week, we’ll inspire you to check out a new adventure or revisit old friends from the past in films and shows.

Length 37 minutes.
18 March 2017
Jetpacks! In Sci-Fi and IRL

The future is now! Kinda...sorta. This week, we'll cover some of our favorite jetpack scenes from Bond, Star Wars, Marvel, and beyond. We'll also talk about real jetpacks- ones that you can actually purchase, if you have, like, $250k to waste. We provide this podcast to you for free, so, clearly, we don't! Over water or land or when hanging out on Bespin, there's no denying that these jetpacks look like a lot of fun- unreasonably dangerous and expensive fun, but still, fun!

Length 35 minutes.
12 March 2017
Frequently Asked Questions About Star Wars: Part 1

It’s a fact that the more you watch something, the more you analyze something, and the more questions can arise. Star Wars is something that always requires more than one viewing, but even after so many screenings, we have plenty of questions. This week, we start the first installment in our "FAQASW" series where we take 13 questions pulled from such aspects as plot points, settings, lore, and character arcs from Episode 1-7 and Rogue One and give you our perspectives.

Length 53 minutes.
7 March 2017
Recasted Roles In Science Fiction

A new Hulk? A new Dumbledore? Multiple Bat...men? What actors have done the best job of portraying our favorite heroes in science fiction? This week’s podcast focuses on who, what and why some prime roles were recast. What happened when your favorite character got swapsied? You’ll have to listen to find out. Please note, we did not cover James Bond or Dr. Who due to time constraints.

Length 55 minutes.
26 Feb 2017
In Appreciation of African American Sci-Fi Characters in Current Films/TV Shows

This week on Silly Talks About Science Fiction, we're doing our part to celebrate Black History Month! We're going to talk about our favorite current African American actors and what we love about the characters that they're portraying. Though most of the characters do exist in the MCU, maybe we'll call upon some heroes that you may have forgotten about. So suit up, kick back, and check it out! Sweet Christmas!

Length 44 minutes.
19 Feb 2017
Who Is Your Daddy, Rey?

Lately the Internet has been abuzz about one of the biggest questions surrounding The Force Awakens; "who is Rey's father?" Today, we evaluate five potential daddy options and provide our thoughts on the likelihood of each. Do you think she is a Knobi? Skywalker? Solo? Palpatine? Or maybe even a Bridger? We've done our best to make a compelling case for each of these possible parents and covered why the identity of her father matters. Check it out and maybe you can answer the question, who is your daddy, Rey? Also why is everyone on Jakku such a jerk? We think they should call it Jerkku.

Length 44 minutes.
12 Feb 2017
Westworld Season 2 Theories

If you’re a frequent listener to our podcasts, you’d know that we kept talking about how we’ve been slacking on Westworld- but, guess what? WE BINGED THE HECK OUT OF IT! Now we’re ready to share what we know, what we don’t know, and what we still want to know about this intense and outstanding show! We also spend some time pondering how much genitalia we think we’ll see next season in comparison to this one. While you are listening, remember something we always say: what happens when the robots win?

Length 41 minutes.
5 Feb 2017
Santa Clarita Diet Review

We binged this silly, humorous, gorey, gross, and FUN show this weekend- so, now we’re going to talk to you (the listeners) about it! We loved the family aspect of this comedy horror mash up; the great cast - featuring the nerdy neighbor, the jerk cop, the cool, pot smoking cop; and all the awesome cameos. We’ll dig into the guts of this great new series, recapping our favorite moments and spending a decent amount of time with some season 2 speculations. We promise the first six minutes are spoiler free- after that, you’ll get a warning, but then you should know what you’re getting into. Nom nom!!

Length 38 minutes.
29 Jan 2017
Favorite Resist and Rebel Movies

The dark days are upon us, so what can we do? Resist! Rebel! Two things that are key ingredients in many great science fiction movies. We love a good story about people joining forces to fight against evil, we just never thought we’d actually be living in one! Join us for this week’s podcast, where we share our thoughts on our favorite resistance and rebellion, including V for Vendetta, The Man in High Castle, Logan’s Run, Firefly, and many more. We may not be certain of a lot of things right now, but the one thing we do know is that it’s always okay to punch a Nazi.

Length 48 minutes.
22 Jan 2017
Star Wars Deleted Scenes - Original Trilogy Edition

If you’re like us, you’ve seen the original trilogy, like, a bazillion times. This podcast focuses on some of the available deleted scenes, and our thoughts on them. We cover the implications of Wampas in the rebel’s base, Bigg’s wearing both a jacket AND a cape, and Luke hearing about the evils of the Empire for the first time- lots of cool stuff. Finally, we’ll discuss how we feel about the deleted scenes in Return of the Jedi might completely change Darth Vader’s role in the Empire and evidence empathy in some imperial officers- huh, maybe some of these dudes can think for themselves?

Length 41 minutes.
15 Jan 2017
Spaceballs V Fanboys

This week, we debate these two cult classics. One is a parody, focused mostly on spoofing Star Wars, but a few other franchises are thrown into the mix. The other is an homage to the original Star Wars trilogy and a heist movie at the same time. What’s not to love. Both movies are extremely quotable and blessed with great casts. So go into lightspeed with us as we discuss these two fan favorites.

Length 31 minutes.
5 Jan 2017
30 Science Fiction Movies Coming Out in 2017

We already know that 2017 is going to pack a punch with three new Marvel movies, two new DC movies, two Stephen King movies, and another new Star Wars movie, but what else is coming our way? And how many of these movies take place on the space station- makes you wonder what astronauts think of space station movies, huh? Give us an hour of your time now to fill you in on 30 sci-fi movies coming out this year, so that later you can avoid wasting your time watching crap. Also, check out our new segment titled: "F**k You Zack Snyder." PS. we totally forgot to mention the Lego Batman movie, but we already know this: it's going to be infinitely superior to BvS.

Length 60 minutes.
19 Dec 2016
2016 Science Fiction Year End Review

Magic! Mutants! Inhumans! Whatever the hell DC is trying to do! 2016 was an intriguing adventure full of things we thought we’d never see- new science fiction movies and TV shows, books, and important- and often tragic- moments in pop culture and us, being as silly as always! Hey, maybe you missed something? It’s totally possible and we won’t hold it against you… yet. Check out our year end wrap up, where we chat about our favorite and least favorite sci-fi moments from the year 2016! We hope you enjoy our take on all the things and stuff! Happy freggin’ New Year!

Length 63 minutes.
19 Dec 2016
Rogue One: Review

Rogue One is a peek into the dark underbelly of the Rebellion, it’s a dark and gritty look into a different part of the Star Wars universe then we've become used to. Let’s face it, we all know how this is going to end, but that didn’t make this any less exiting! We had a lot of fun making some new friends in the Star Wars universe and saying hi to some old ones- overall, it was a wild ride of a film! So, grab a glass of cold-ish Blue Milk and listen to this week’s podcast, in which we provide an in-depth analysis of the plot, characters, and potential consequences on future stories, and also discuss some things you may have missed and our favorite cameos from some of our Star Wars favorites.

Length 56 minutes.
13 Dec 2016
One Year Later: The Force Awakens

Has it been a year already since we met Rey, Poe, and Finn? You betcha! So how did the film hold up after multiple viewings? We'll tackle the critics that said "it's just a remake of A New Hope," the Mary Sue rumblings, the plot holes, the twists, and our personal likes and dislikes. Join us in a galaxy far, far away for an journey back to the stomping grounds of our very first podcast, as we reflect on this film, one year later.

Length 56 minutes.
8 Dec 2016
Fantastic Beasts Review

This week, we review the newest cinematic entry into the Harry Potter universe, Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them! What was silly? What creature was the cutest? What was different? What was referenced from the Potterverse we know and love? Why the hell was Colin Farrell in this movie? How about that cameo? What does the future hold for Porpentina and Newt? Accio Podcast!

Length 30 minutes.
4 Dec 2016
Sci-Fi Fall TV Report Card

In this podcast, we discuss major Fall TV shows that have aired this year and share which ones gave us all the feels and which ones left us cold. We will also admit to which ones still have a backlog on our DVRs and which ones we never got around to watching at all- like Falling Water- whoops! But, of what we did see, there was a lot of awesomeness! Join us, as we talk about Ghost Rider on Shield, Luke Cage cleaning up the streets, dragons, demons, aliens, blood, sex, robots, and more!

Length 68 minutes.
17 Nov 2016
Spreading the Diseases! Our Top Virus Outbreak Movies!

You know that guy, the one who just walked out of the airplane can without washing his hands? He's patient zero. And now, because of him, we're all infected. Let's hope that's not the case for you on your travels this holiday season! This episode, we will chat about our favorite virus outbreak movies and TV shows. After you hear about Containment, Contagion, Z for Zachariah, the awesomeness of Last Man on Earth, and our favorite, Stephen King's The Stand, you'll be running to the drug store to stock up on Purell and surgical masks! But, seriously, don't do that.

Length 49 minutes.
9 Nov 2016
Doctor Strange Movie Review

Are you ready to get strange? That's Doctor Strange- not the results of the 2016 Election. We absolutely loved the Doctor Strange movie so much that we dedicated this week's podcast to it. What did we like? Dislike? What cool things did we notice that you might have missed? We'll break down the movie in its entirety, sharing our offbeat insights, not just about this movie but the impact that Dr. Strange might have on future films in the Marvel Universe. Also- don't text and drive. Seriously.

Length 36 minutes.
3 Nov 2016
Horrible Science Fiction Movie Product Tie Ins

This week's podcast covers awful product tie-ins for some of our favorite Sci-Fi, action and horror films. From creepy breakfast treats to disturbing toys and crappy games, you will wonder how people ever came up with this garbage! Or you might decide that a Star Wars themed toilet seat would be the best Christmas gift ever for Uncle Jimmy!

Length 45 minutes.
28 Oct 2016
Zombies! Zombies! Zombies!

This week we're talking about shambling corpses who feast on brains! Nope, not Larry King- try again! That's right, zombies!! We will discuss everything from TV shows that didn't survive the outbreak, to indie zombie comedy movies, like Life After Beth, to big budget blockbusters, such as 28 Days Later. We'll also chat about zombie origins and the ways the undead awaken across different books, movies (like The Crazies and Cooties), and TV shows. How do you cure a zombie? How do your control a zombie? How does the Walking Dead fit into all of this? Who actually watched Fear the Walking Dead? Who knows, maybe you'll develop a taste for something new too?

Length 56 minutes.
21 Oct 2016
Spooky Ghost Movies and TV Shows

Continuing with our new tradition of October Halloween podcasts, this week, we’re talking about our favorite ghosts in movies and tv. We are sharing with you our thoughts on ghosts who scared us and ghosts we were sad to see go. We have some favorites to introduce you to (or remind you of) from Beetlejuice, Odd Thomas, and the American Horror Story series, among others. We hope you will join us for our haunted podcast this week, because who doesn't love a good ghost story?

Length 58 minutes.
14 Oct 2016
Rise of the R-Rated Superhero Movie

R-Rated superhero movies aren't a new thing, but with the success of Deadpool at the box office, will they become a major trend? What would a world be like with a R-Rated Iron Man, Spiderman, or Batman? In this episode, we'll discuss the pros and cons of adding sex, blood, and vulgar language to our favorite movies. We'll also cover existing R-Rated superhero movies from the last 25 years.

Length 55 minutes.
7 Oct 2016
Scary Movies That Are Actually Scary (and Some That Aren't)

Boo! It's October, so after you finish decorating your place with pumpkins, fake spiders, and sparkly skeletons, why don't you watch some scary movies? We’d like to offer you some spooky suggestions of movies that have scared us and our friends. Who knows, maybe you'll find something new that will chill you to the bone! Also, we'll talk about movies that were intended to be frightful, but wouldn't even scare our grandparents.

Length 53 minutes.
1 Oct 2016
What Happens When The Robots Win?

This week, we take a look at some of our favorite robot apocalypse movies and ask the question: "what happens if the robots win?" In addition to those breakdowns, we'll also ponder hypothetical situations; for example, what would Vicki from Small Wonder do if she brought forth the robopocalypse? Also, we will consider Bender, 'cause "kill all humans," that's why.

Length 50 minutes.
25 Sept 2016
Bad Science- In Science Fiction!

We've all been there, watching a disaster movie and- right before the Earth is about to face certain doom-something extremely stupid happens. Whether it's Windows 95 talking to an advanced alien operating system, surviving a nuclear explosion in a refrigerator, or coming up with a cure to a super virus in a few hours, we've all see examples of incorrect and downright ridiculous science. Join us today, as we take a look at our favorite examples of bad science in Science Fiction and action films, compiled from watching movies and scouring the Internet.

Length 52 minutes.
21 Sept 2016
2016 Fall TV Science Fiction Shows Part 2

As our way of saying thank you for making our "2016 Fall TV Science Fiction Shows" podcast so popular we decided to do a short 15 minute follow up show to talk about a few shows that we missed. Thanks again for supporting the show and may the force be with you!

Length 15 minutes.
15 Sept 2016
2016 Fall TV Science Fiction Shows

Fall is here! So, not only will your Facebook friends be posting pictures of Pumpkin Spice everything- but it also means that there are a ton of Fall TV shows to talk about. We’ll break down Fall Sci-Fi TV shows, new and returning, and tell you what we really think of them. Snuggle up with a cozy blanket and get ready for some awesome entertainment!

Length 47 minutes.
11 Sept 2016
Aliens! Aliens! Aliens!

Our entire lives, we’ve always been interested in life out there. But what if they’re not out there in space? What if we find the aliens first? What do they look like? Why would they come to meet us? How would humans react? Do they actually exist? Take some time to check out our thoughts on extraterrestrial life and listen to our ruminations on some of pop culture's ideas about aliens.

Length 50 minutes.
4 Sept 2016
Science Fiction Based Commutes

This week we're looking at different ways to commute in our favorite science fiction movies, books, and TV shows. Do you really want your molecules scrambled over the air and reassembled somewhere else? What about super-fast trains, flying cars, cryofreeze, and space ships? We'll break down all kinds of imaginative ways to travel and compare them to real world situations.

Length 40 minutes.
28 August 2016
2016 Fall Science Fiction Movie Extravaganza

The fall is upon us! We know about Dr. Strange, Rogue One, and Fantastic Beasts but what else is there? This week, we'll break down all the fall science fiction, fantasy, and horror movies to let you know if they're theater worthy, Netflix worthy, or a total skipsies. We're interested in some kids with powers, a couple on a 90 year space journey, and why they need to return to those woods in Maryland. What about you?

Length 51 minutes.
21 August 2016
Games In Science Fiction Part 2: Video Game Movies

What happens when studios take your favorite video games and turn them into major motion pictures? Most of the time, they're total garbage! In part two of our games in film saga, episode 36 of Silly Talks About Science Fiction, we talk about the good and bad, but mostly bad, of video game movies. Of course, we'll talk about Mario Brothers; that should have been a given.

Length 51 minutes.
14 August 2016
Games In Science Fiction Part 1

We think Jeffrey Goines said it best when he said "GAMES! GAMES! GAMES!" in 12 Monkeys. On Episode 35 of STASF we take a look at games that are featured in part of our favorite sci-fi movies and tv shows. Also we’ll discuss movies that are based off of games. And let’s ponder some fun questions about the movies and shows we are talking about- like, why did Zathura suck? Do you know what the monster chess game in Star Wars is called? And while Battleship was a horrible movie that didn’t need to be made, why do all the aliens in the movie look like Jeff? Do they know something we don’t?

Length 46 minutes.
7 August 2016
Sports In Science Fiction

This week we take a look at some sports played across different science fiction movies and TV shows. Take a listen as we talk about what Parisses Squares would be like or how absurd Blernsball really is. From Pyramid, Quidditch, and Pod Racing to deadly sports such as The Hunger Games and The Running Man, there’s plenty of fictional sports to discuss.

Length 37 minutes.
31 July 2016
Cloning, No, Just No.

We don’t think cloning is a good idea, plain and simple. Let’s talk about real science, such as Dolly the sheep and Russia’s recent attempts at cloning a Wooly Mammoth. We’ll also cover different topics such as, behavioral adaptation, animals vs. people, memories, and what would our clones be up to? We know that clone Jeff and Cristin would totally be up to no good. Finally, we’ll talk about our favorite stories about clones in science fiction.

Length 53 minutes.
24 July 2016
Comic Con 2016 Breakdown

We are so excited to chat about the tv shows and movies that were promoted at the 2016 Comic Con- so much cool stuff to look forward to! Join us as we talk about Marvel and DC characters- both new and old-coming soon to the big screen or your own TV! After the show, let us know what you are most amped to see! As for us, we will be tuning in to Luke Cage and checking out the latest addition to J.K. Rowling’s wizarding world- and we can’t freggin’ wait!

Length 48 minutes.
17 July 2016
Classic Summer Slasher Films

Episode 32 of Silly Talks About Science Fiction focuses on our favorite slasher films. Cristin is an expert when it comes to the horror genre, and loves to talk about these movies whenever she can get a chance. Spend 45 minutes of your summer with us and maybe learn about a film or two that you should check out. And remember, don’t get it on when you’re in one of these fine films, otherwise you’ll meet your end!

Length 45 minutes.
10 July 2016
The Flying Car

Didn’t we all get excited by the Jetsons? Or maybe more excited by Back to the Future 2- check out of those flying cars! They look like a lot of fun, but are we really let down by not having flying cars in 2016? In this week’s podcast, we’ll tackle some major issues involving flying cars and we’ll take a look at our favorite airborne autos from Star Wars, Harry Potter, and other science fiction movies.

Length 45 minutes.
3 July 2016
Sci-Fi Porn Parodies

For our 30th podcast we're playing another fun game! We've all seen posts on our favorite websites showing us that Sci-Fi Porn is actually a thing. So for our 30th podcast we're drawing the names of some of our favorite (and least favorite) Sci-Fi movies and shows and making up fake porn parodies! We hope you enjoy our 30th podcast!

Length 60 minutes.

27 June 2016
The Future of Star Trek/Anton Yelchin Tribute

This week we lost Anton Yelchin to a freak accident. Let’s talk about our favorite rolls that this great young actor has had and his impact on science fiction. In other Star Trek related topics, we’ll break down the legalese in the new Star Trek Fan Fiction rules and tell you what they actually mean. Finally let’s talk about the new Star Trek TV series that will air on CBS and our expectations. Join us as we boldly go into reboot town and pour some Synthehol out for our lost friend.

Length 53 minutes.
19 June 2016
Sex In Sci-Fi: Doing it in Space

SEX! Now that we have your attention, in episode 28, we’re talking about some spicy science fiction moments. Watchmen, Deadpool, and counting down our favorite sexy Star Trek moments. Take 50 minutes and listen to us break down everyone who’s doing it on Game of Thrones and Star Wars and complain about the lame sex scenes in Demolition Man, Matrix 2, and Avatar. Wrap it up and put on your earbuds- this is gonna get hot!

Length 50 minutes.
12 June 2016
Science Fiction Shark Attacks

We love sharks! More importantly we love shark movies! Silly, gory, ridiculous shark movies. In episode 27, we’ll cover our favorite moments from our favorite shark attack movies. Find out what’s good, what’s bad, and what you may have missed as we bring actual science to these science fiction films.

Length 50 minutes.
5 June 2016
Fallen Sci-Fi Heroes

On Episode 26 we’ll spend some time talking about memorable deaths across some of our favorite science fiction films and books. Consider whose deaths had the biggest impacts in Star Wars, Harry Potter, Star Trek, and other genre flicks are. Also, who hasn’t died on Game of Thrones? Listen and find out.

Length 51 minutes.
29 May 2016
X-Men Cinematic Retrospective

Let’s prepare for the apocalypse by talking about the eight movies that came out in the X-Men Universe. What were the hits? What were the misses? Let’s take an hour and talk about the impact these movies have made on us as science fiction fans. Yellow spandex is optional.

Length 51 minutes.
22 May 2016
Ghostbusters: Why All The Hate?

On episode 24 of Silly Talks About Science Fiction we are trying to figure out why everyone is hating on the new Ghostbusters trailers. As friends, writers, podcasters, and fans of the genre, we totally accept the fact that everything from our childhood will be rebooted at sometime or another. We love this cast and we laugh hysterically at the trailers. So spend 30 minutes listening to our positives about this up and coming movie and help us try to find out where all the hate is coming from.

Length 31 minutes.
15 May 2016
Getting Sauced in Space

On episode 23 of Silly Talks About Science Fiction, we cover a wide variety of booze found in science fiction books, tv, and film. What color is Romulan Ale? What’s in a Mudder’s Milk? Where can you find Hot Mess Cinnamon Whisky? So let’s go to Quark’s and talk about how to get sauced in space for half an hour!

Length 33 minutes.
7 May 2016
Sci-Fi Moms We’d Love To Hug

Come with us if you want to get a hug! Let’s celebrate Mother’s Day 2016 with a fun discussion of some of the most memorable mothers in science fiction. Strong characters willing to sacrifice everything to protect their children from evil wizards, robots, the horrors of puberty, and, of course, aliens, these Sci-Fi Mom’s all have a special place in our hearts.

Length 60 minutes.
1 May 2016
Are Sidekicks the Real Heroes?

Chewie and Han, Batman and Robin, Wallace and Gromit, sidekicks are here to stay. They won’t always steal the show or our hearts but this week we take a look at some of our favorite and least favorite sidekicks on both sides, good and bad.

Length 46 minutes.
24 April 2016
Comparing and Contrasting Science Fiction Sub Genres

For our 20th podcast we play a game where we randomly select two movies from four categories, SciFi comedies, SciFi action movies, SciFi dramas, and bad SciFi movies. What silliness will prevail? What could "Another Earth" possible have to do with the opus "After Earth?" You'll have to watch/listen to find out for yourself.

Length 60 minutes.

2016 Summer Science Fiction Movie Extravaganza

Sharks! Booms! Friend vs Friend! People turning into animals! Planning on going to the movies this summer? Check out this podcast where we talk about ALL the science fiction, horror, and fantasy movies coming to a theater near you in 2016. Maybe Colin Farrell won’t actually ruin a movie? Maybe? Also, why did the Ghostbusters trailer get so much hate? We don’t think anyone would say that to Leslie Jones’s face!

Length 40 minutes.

10 April 2016
Pros and Cons of Robot Pets

This week we’re talking about robot pets! Let’s compare what life would be like with a robot pet versus a real pet. From extra expenses to the ability to just shut your animal off, spend 40 minutes with us as we tackle this silly topic. Jeff is playing the "pro" side and Cristin is playing the "con" side but when it comes to pets, we got all our paws in.

Length 40 minutes.

3 April 2016
Super Sci-Fi Women That Kick Butt

Join us this week as we discuss some of your favorite super women, including Buffy Summers, Jessica Jones, and the brave ladies of Marvel and DC. From elven queens and dragon-mamas to the strong female leaders of Star Wars and Star Trek, we’ll cover a lot of awesome female Science Fiction characters in this week’s podcast. But, if you ask us, all women are pretty damn super, even if they can’t fly or read your your mind.

Length 52 minutes.

27 March 2016
Silly Sci-Fi Critters and Where to Find Them

It’s Easter, did the Rabbit of Caerbannog visit you? We hope not! In this week’s podcast we take a look at some of our favorite Silly Sci-Fi critters from bunnies, gremlins, and zombified animals. We take a look at some famous critters from the Star Wars and the Harry Potter franchises while analyzing critters from our own work. Watch out for facehuggers!

Length 36 minutes.

20 March 2016
Jerks in Space

We have all met jerks in real life, but what are jerks like...in space? Take an out of this world trip with us this week when we talk about the biggest jerks in space. We’re not talking villains, we’re talking about jerks, bullies, and people that just aren’t team players. From Q, Jayne, to Anakin Skywalker take a listen to who we think are the biggest jerks...in...space!

Length 28 minutes.

13 March 2016
Sci-Fi Baddies Just Like Donald Trump

Let’s compare the Republican front runner to some classic science fiction villains! Power? Corruption? Anger? Fear? Control? Yeah those are totes paths to the darkside. We all know that Biff Tannen was based upon Donald Trump but who else can we compare Drumph to? We break down over 10 Sci-Fi baddies and compare the two side by side.

Length 34 minutes.

6 March 2016
Surviving the Apocalypse With Children

Has anyone seen Carl? It’s a fact! Children slow you down during the apocalypse. Listen to our silly take about kids in the event of the apocalypse and think about case studies like The Walking Dead, The Strain, Falling Skies and what if ET was evil? Just remember, soylent green is people, IT’S PEOPLE!

Length 30 minutes.

28 Feb 2016
Marvel Vs. DC: The Cinematic Wars

Recap 75 years of Marvel and DC movies to find out the good, the bad, and why the heck did you do this to my childhood idol! Listen to our proof that neither company can be on top at the same time as we breakdown every Marvel and DC character based cinematic movie ever made in our signature silly style. As always, there’s an Arnold soundboard involved.

Length 58 minutes.

21 Feb 2016
Which Dystopian Future Would Suck the Most?

Dystopian is hot! Tune in this week to listen to our thoughts about what life would really be like in these future nightmares from killer robots, nuclear wastelands, evil controlling governments, cannibals, and viruses. Like the title says, from The 100, Hunger Games, Terminator, and other classic/modern hits we ask the question, which dystopian future would suck the most?

Length 55 minutes.

14 Feb 2016
Star Wars vs Star Trek

Throughout our 20 year friendship Cristin has always been "team Star Wars" and Jeffrey has always been "team Star Trek." Listen or watch as we go head to head on what we love about our respected franchises, may the force let you live long and prosper.

Length 33 minutes.

10 Feb 2016
The good, the Bad, and the Snuggly: A Discussion About Relationships in Sci-Fi and Horror

It’s Valentine’s Week and love in the air. Bad love, mad love, crazy supernatural love, and a little bit of the good lovin’ too. Join us this week for our discussion on some of the worst love stories from the Science Fiction and Horror genres and a few of the best examples of healthy relationships as well. We hope to inspire you to avoid murder in the name of love and to instead focus on being kind to each other and having fun. Hope this podcast leaves you feeling a love buzz!

Length 42 minutes.
1 Feb 2016
Rogue One: What Should We Expect?

Let’s talk about what our level of expectation is for Rogue One plus we talk a little about the other Star Wars spin offs as well as Episode VIII and IX. Are we ready for the first Star Wars story that’s main focus isn’t the Jedi? What do we know? What can we speculate? Will we see the return of Darth Vader? Listen to hear our thoughts!

Length 42 minutes.
27 Jan 2016
Chilly Cold SciFi Movies

Jonas got you down? My name is Freeze! Learn it well for it is the chilling sound of your doom...just kidding but for real check out our newest podcast talking about these classic wintery weather scifi movies!

Length 30 minutes.
20 Jan 2016
Are We Finally Done With Vampires Yet?

For years we were on vampire overload, are we finally done? Vampire movies are like sandwiches. You would just enjoy them more if you knew no one had fucked it first. Let's recap the good and bad from the last few years in the vampire genre while talking about what a vampire really is.

Length 40 minutes.
David Bowie and Alan Rickman

Our first mini cast just covers our favorite moments in David Bowie and Alan Rickman careers. Also, somehow we go off on a rant about how much we don't like Billy Joel.

Length 20 minutes.
12 Jan 2016
Sequels, Prequels, and Reboots

Why do they feel the need to tell us the same story ten times in a row? Which Science Fiction sequels are good and which are bad? Fiffteen years, three Spider-Man reboots? What is a reboot vs a sequel? Listen to our silly take on Superman, Batman, The Matrix, Jaws, Terminator, Star Wars and figure out when enough is enough and we just want some new stories, not the same ones over and over again.

Length 55 minutes.
6 Jan 2016
What Science Fiction Movies Did You Miss in 2015?

This week we’re not talking about Star Wars, Ultron, Jurassic Park…we’re talking about what Science Fiction movies you may have missed in 2015, and one you should avoid at all costs. What are some good movies that weren’t blockbusters that you may have missed last year? Take a listen and find out for yourself.

Length 30 minutes.
3 Jan 2016
A Silly Look at Arnold Schwarzenegger's Role in Science Fiction

Come with us if you want to poke fun at Arnold! What was cheesy? What was awesome? What do we want more of? In our second podcast we'll talk about Arnold Schwarzenegger's Role in Science Fiction. This week we will talk about what we like about Arnold Schwarzenegger's Science Fiction film career complete with an Arnold soundboard.

Length 36 minutes.
22 Dec 2015
Our Breakdown of Star Wars The Force Awakens

What was funny? What was serious? What were the plot holes? Check out our first podcast which talks about the new Star Wars movie! Warning major spoilers ahead so lets go into hyperspace and talk about this awesome movie.

Length 48 minutes.